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typewriterAs I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I have insomnia, and that means I sometimes have to come up with pretty creative ways to keep myself entertained in the wee hours when sleep is not in the offing. I love researching newspaper archives for my writing. Usually, I’m looking for articles about a specific moment in history, but when I can’t sleep I’ll sometimes just plug in interesting keywords and arbitrary date ranges and see what I find.


So on this page I’ll be sharing a little bit of everything — ghosts, UFOs, monarchs switched at birth — whatever I find that seems like it would be fun to share.





Buzzkill at a Ghost Hunt


An Inopportune Haunting


An Iffy Treasure Map


Well Mannered Flapper Ghost


Charm Against Hostile Mesmerists


Ghost or Hibernating Burglar?


New Jersey Banshee


Crime Ring Run By Witch Doctors



A Most Unusual Last Will and Testament


A Plea for Poltergeists


Child Poltergeist Medium


Beauty Queen with a Spider Bite


A La Carte Exorcisms


Death By Glacier


An Article That Is Not Really About Banshees


Terrifying New York Thruway



Ghosts in the Laboratory


St. Pierre — A Lazy Bootlegger’s Paradise


Romanian Pickpocket Poltergeist


Yonkers Exorcism Cult



Strange, Sad Tale of Victor Hugo’s Daughter


A Sort-Of Exorcism


Nepalese Yeti Permit


Rip Van Winkle Tourism


Mutant Frogs Liberated From Government Lab


1960s Garage Door Ghost


Static Electricity Boy


French Sorceress Arrested


Retired Boxer’s Weird New Career


Vampire 101


10 Ships Vanish in 18 Months


UFOs Spotted on the East Coast


West Point Ghosts


Famous People and Their Wills


Ghost Census


This Computer Thing Will Never Last


Matchmaking by Ghost Fire


Catholic Ghost Goes to Church


Spirit Rapping in 1858


Canadian Ghost Hysteria


Servant Signs Last Will and Testament


No Gallery Showing for this Ghost


A Husband’s Last Wish


Even Ghosts Get Hungry


Vampire Personal Ads


Phantom White Dog Guards Oil Well


Curse of the Stolen Bible


Scared to Death by a Tweet


Getting the Ocean Drunk


The Ghost at the Card Table


Vampire Sentenced to Life in Prison


If Harry Potter Played Golf


Ghost Gets 40 Lashes


Christmas Ornaments or Witch Balls


Death of a Witch


A Colicky Ghost


Vampire Hunting in Winter


An Expensive Ghost


A Piano-Playing Ghost


Arthur Conan Doyle and the Ghost of the Murdered Groom


The Sheridan Family Curse


Tales of Scottish Fairies


The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds


Ghost Busting in the Early 20th Century


Prankster Bride Lingers in Lovel Castle


Ghost or Bad Whiskey?


Bearded Lady Sells Curse Remover


Bram Stoker thought Queen Elizabeth was a man. Really.


Vampire Job Application


Lord Byron and the Curse of Newstead Abbey


Faking a Haunting for Fun and Profit


Long Island Ghosts Mean Business

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